Our Story

Being a mother of three girls, all with different interests and talents, I have always reveled in watching my daughters grow into their unique identities. But I also knew that as they got older, they would only continue to carve out their beautiful and individual paths in the world, and I wanted us all to have a solid common ground upon which we could always come back to each other. Making toffee became that common ground.
Maybe it’s the clean ingredients. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the recipes. Maybe it's my one-of-a-kind daughters and their one-of-a-kind additions to every batch. Or maybe it’s all the love I feel for my family’s common denominator. But one thing is for sure— somewhere along the way, my daughters and I cooked up some magic in these toffee pans. And I’m so thankful we can share that magic with the world.
Four Lunas isn’t just the best darn toffee this side of the pond— it’s 15 years spent in kitchen with my daughters; laughing, sharing stories, and perfecting our toffee recipes for generations to come.